Married to The Lawyer for 10 years and mom to two beautiful boys: Oldest was conceived after 18 months TTC, 3 Clomid cycles, a diagnosis of PCOS, and metformin.  He was born in 2003.  Youngest was adopted from Ethiopia and came home at 16 months old in 2008.  Between Oldest’s birth and Youngest’s adoption were 3 1/2 years of TTC on metformin, 4 Clomid cycles, 1 Femara cycle, 1 Femara + Clomid cycle, 2 IUIs, and 0 positive HPTs.  After Youngest’s adoption, there has been another year of TTC on metformin and 1 m/c at 7 weeks.  Both IVF and adoption from Ethiopia are in our future.

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  1. Leslie said,

    Hi Erin! I was a frequent reader and rare commenter, but just wondering how everything is going with the new addition! Hope everything is well!

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