November 1, 2012

Look Ma, I’m a girl!

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:23 am by Erin

So. I’ve been breastfeeding E since she was born—she’ll be 20 months next week. My period came back once in July, just a normal one. Then, at the beginning of October, I fell down our front stairs. The next day, I got my period. By the next day it was so heavy that I was completely bleeding through a super tampon every 60-90 minutes. I had NEVER had a period like that. But I didn’t go to the doctor because I was sure it would stop soon and I figured that my fall down the stairs had just pulled off lining too quickly. The spiral arteries would clamp off soon. That night, when I finally realized that I was bleeding more than I did postpartum, I agreed to go to the doctor the next day. Plus I was starting to feel dizzy on occasion. But by the next morning it had slowed to not-quite-normal levels, and so I decided not to go. It got back to normal by that afternoon. I’d been told that the first one postpartum was always wickedly bad, so I thought “Well, maybe the July one was just the warm-up. It won’t be that bad again.”


Now pre-E, with my PCOS and all, I had periods every 6-7 weeks. Here it is, 4 weeks and 1 day later, and I have my period again. I’m even pretty sure I ovulated (though at the time, I thought “There’s no way I’m ovulating—it’s too soon!”). And I bled through one normal tampon in 2 hours this morning. It seems to be getting heavier even since then.


Ironic, isn’t it, that now that we’re done trying to conceive I’m getting a regular cycle? I just hope I have enough tampons to last through my day. I have 5 hours of straight teaching today. I’m going to have to duck out every hour to change.


I’ve long suspected that I have endometriosis. This is strengthening my belief. *sigh*